How to start a business with Bidgo Cab

1.Join Bidgo as a partner with a Car

2.Join Bidgo as a driver

3.Join Bidgo as a Fleet Operator

1. Join Bidgo as a partner with a car

-In this fast-paced and competitive modern world, quick and easy transport has become an ever- increasing demand.

As such, by starting a business with Bidgo, you are supplying to this huge demand, which lets youearn profitable returns on your investments.

If you want to attach your car with Bidgo cabs, you have to follow the procedure below which helps you to start a business us. Starting a successful business with us iseasy and hassle-free.

The Basic Requirement to attach your Car -You can attach a new car or a used commercial car as long as it is in good condition.

-You can drive the cab yourself or hire a driver who has a commercial license.

--You need an ID proof,Driving License,SSN Number or Current License Plate and certificate of title, Car Insurance

-You also need to open a current account for all the transactions.

-You need to apply for Income Tax and Service Tax registrations as it is mandatory to proceed and work with the cab companies.

-You can also reach us at our offices nearby you.

-After finishing your registration, you will be assigned a representative from the company to inspect your car.

--After the successful enrolment, you’ll receive a Smartphone with Bidgo installed to start your operations.

-The local office will also provide all details, necessary guidelines and other things to get you started.

2. Join Bidgo as a driver

-For people who don’t own a car; you can opt to join Bidgo as a driver.

-Simply call Bidgo customer care center and they will provide you will all the details and information needed to lease a car from Bidgo Cab.

-To register with Bidgo Cabs as a driver:-

-You will need to submit the following documents: Valid Commercial Driver’s License, SSN Number, Current & Permanent Address proof, Four references, and your Bank details.

-You will need to pay a verification fee.

-Also, depending upon the type of car you lease, you will need to pay a daily rental fee. This will be automatically deducted from your total earnings while the rest will be transferred via NEFT.

-After your document verification and the transfer of the verification fee and security deposit, you will get your choice of car on lease.

-You will be trained and learn all the guidelines and offers that Bidgo provides.

-The leased car will be registered under the company’s name – Bidgo Fleet Technologies.

-Your car service will be handled by Bidgo, and you can schedule your regular maintenance and repairs via the Bidgo partner app.

3.Join Bidgo as a Fleet operator

To register with Bidgo as a Fleet operator:

-You will need to call your local Bidgo branch or the main office to register for Bidgo as a Fleet operator. You will need to submit the required documents for you, your cars and your drivers.

-If you do not have enough drivers, Bidgo will assist you in finding drivers. However, Bidgo cannot guarantee to provide driver-partners for you.

-Bidgo staff will inspect the conditions of your car and check if it meets Bidgo standard.

-Bidgo will then train you and your drivers on the guidelines and offers that they provide. They will also train you on how to use the Bidgo app as a fleet operator.

-Then you will need to open a current account. You will have to manage your driver’s salary yourself as all Bidgo payments will be directed to only you, i.e., a single operator account.

-Then you will need to open a current account. You will have to manage your driver’s salary yourself as all Bidgo payments will be directed to only you, i.e., a single operator account.

-Upon the completion of all the processes mentioned above, you are now ready to operate your fleet and start your business with Bidgo.

-You will receive support from Bidgo in managing your fleet; you will have access to the Bidgo operator app, from where you can access the productivity and performance of all your cars in real- time.

You need the following documents:

Owner documents

-Proof of identity

-Proof of Social Security number

-Proof of residential address

Driver documents

-Driving license

-SSN Number

-Proof of identity

-Proof of completion of a Traffic Law

Car documents

-you'll need to bring all of your previous documents to the DMV.

-vehicle registration,

-proof of car insurance

-current license plate and certificate of title