Why invest with us

We are a new age ride hailing platform aiming to bring power back into the hands of customers and drivers. We are committed to building a lean and sustainable business, which is well positioned over the longer term to grow in excess of the market and drive best-in-class margins and strong free cash flow. And with our low operational costs and easily scalable business model, we expect to return gains on your investments with a low turnaround time than the competitors.

Ground floor opportunity in a brand new and unique digital platform.

Experienced, successful team backed by successful resource investors.

Strong network to source new opportunities.


2x market growth rate target We aim to grow at greater than two times the market, driving share gains by:

Growing customer count.

Increase clientele by delivering our promises.

Creating repeat value to existing customers.

Highly scalable and easy to implement in any new market.

Roll out value-added solutions proposition.

Sell the full offer; improve sales effectiveness.