Welcome to BIDGO

Power Back into the Hands of Drivers & Customers.

Why We Are Better

No price tag

Customer happiness is what we strive for at Bidgo. We put power back into your hands by letting you choose the price you want to offer for a ride. You have the choice to bid your price with the drivers available nearby. Also you have the choice to decide the car you want to ride in. You get to ride the luxury cars near you without the hefty price tags.

Earn rewards and pay less

Now spend your commute time to earn some sweet rewards. As soon as you start taking a ride, you can view ads in app and earn reward points that can be redeemed to get discounts on the actual ride fare. This way it’d be more affordable for the customers.

Intercity luxury travel

Now you can save more on your intercity travel with the power to choose the right price. You can place your bid and choose among the drivers with the best bid and great reviews. So basically if you’re looking for a cheap intercity travel alternative, Bidgo is here. Looking for a luxury intercity travel alternative? Bidgo is here. Want to choose the best time to travel at the lowest available fare? Bidgo is here.

Ride with friends

Our ‘ride with friends’ feature allows users to share their rides with friends. This benefits you with the advantages of carpooling without the risk of travelling with strangers. Save money and also help reduce emissions by using our friendly pooling services.

How Does it Work?

1How Bidgo is profitable for the Drivers?

Bidgo is more profitable for drivers because we expect the least commission rates. In addition to this, drivers are also paid allowances as hourly bonus from Bidgo. Experience hassle-free partnership with Bidgo with our transparent and profitable operations.

2The Big Draw for Advertisers

In this digital era, advertisements are all around the customers and as such a very minor percentage of them ensure customer engagement. Companies spend way too much on advertising in the wrong places, where most of the customers won't even be looking at them. We at Bidgo provide in-app advertisements during rides which ensure higher rate of engagement with customers. Make your marketing budgets count by partnering with us.

3Intercity transportation made easy now

You don’t need to take any rental cars now to travel from one city to another. You can avoid crowded areas while traveling by choosing Bidgo ride. You can travel from city to city using Bidgo app from your precise location in the city to anywhere you want to travel.

4The Power to Choose for Customers

Now you can save more on your intercity travels with the power to choose the right price. You can place your bid and choose among the drivers with the best bid and great reviews.

Why Drivers Choose Bidgo

The lowest commission rate.

Bidgo Charges only 15% Partner fee on all fares.

Choose the right bid

Accept only the requests that make you money with the right bid, making it a win-win situation for both the drivers and customers.

Flat Fee Model

Now Bidgo partners get the advantage of unlimited rides in a day with no transaction fee by paying a fixed amount in advance. This prepaid model ensures that drivers get the major share for their rides.

No Middleman

With no hidden charges and a hassle-free process, we eliminate the need of any middlemen that paves way for a healthy relationship with drivers.

How safety is built into your experience

1Safety features in app

Our technology puts peace of mind at your fingertips. You can share trip details to your loved ones, call emergency teams with a touch of the SOS button.

2An Inclusive Community

Millions of riders and drivers share a set of Community Guidelines, holding each other accountable to do the right thing.

3Support at every turn

A specially trained support team is available 24/7 for all your queries and security concerns. You can reach out to them at any time in app.